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About the Book

Do you know you are a Queen? If you do, is your crown crooked? If you answered yes to either question, this book is for you. Did you know that there is a plan for your pain? That every detour your life has taken has been God’s GPS to shape your Purpose and Destiny. Girl Fix Your Crown is a book that will challenge the woman you are, will test the faith you have and will develop you into the royal daughter that God intends you to be.


Rev. Treniece N. Perry

Rev. Tresniece Nicole Perry is a speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Makeup Artist and President and CEO of Divine Faces. Her skills have taken her throughout the United States and aboard. In 2018 she launched her next business Simply Tresniece, LLC.  A ministry that will focus on women’s inside and outside.  Simply Tresniece, LLC will encourage women no matter their past, present or future to: Acknowledge Embrace and Strut Like A Queen™.

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