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About the Book

A moving, suspenseful, drama-filled, gripping, and exciting testimony filled with events that will not only have you on the edge of your seat, but will grab you by the throat and hold you there until the last chapter when redemption appears as the superhero and revives the corpse that sin created. In I Killed Her So She Can Live, Tamika Ingram shares her testimony in an open, honest, transparent and relatable way. Its her hearts desire to see others free. Through this debut project she desires that you would be inspired to walk and live in your divine purpose and overcome any obstacle that tries to trap and kill you.

In these pages Tamika endeavors to set souls free from low self esteem, baggage, childhood hurt, lesbianism, family drama, unequally yoked marriages, emotional and physical abuse. This book is for Kings and Queens who feels trapped and stuck in life trying to figure out how to kill the flesh and fully walk in their purpose. This book is for everyone that is in the midst of or going through life challenges and phases, in desperate need of a way out.


Tamika Ingram

Tamika Ingram was born in Wiesbaden, Germany to parents Lee Gardner and Frances Marshall. Tamika now resides in Columbus, Georgia, where she is a Fitness Coach and Inspirational Speaker transforming the way people think about health and fitness. It is no surprise how Tamika’s captivating personality allows her to reach people and encourage them along their life transformations.  Her passion for motivating fellow Queens and Kings to be confident in who they are and regain their smiles is obvious and refreshing. Those who know Tamika, know that instilling confidence starts at home and with Tyler, her 10-year-old son.

Tamika enjoys designing fashion, living a healthy, active lifestyle by exercising and helping people on their journey to knowing Christ. She is committed to being a minister of the gospel and a Youth Leader at Faith Chapel where she currently worships. Tamika’s dramatic, yet down to earth personality is a blessing to those around her, and she strives to make them feel like friends reunited. Tamika’s many talents, generosity in ministry, and Life Coaching serve well. Her creativity through her words, style and overall approach to life has established her as the strong, successful overachiever that she is.

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