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Often times we don't see the beauty in our brokenness or the tragedies that we experience in our lives. Does this ring true for you? Are you having trouble seeing God in your trials? Are you asking God how is this going to work out for my good? If so, the good news is God has a way of using what would seem to kill us, destroy us, make us give up and throw in the towel to bring about restoration and wholeness that will bring Him Glory. In this book collaboration, men and women share their stories of, grief, sobriety, barrenness, health challenges, divorce and more. You will see how God took them from Tragedy to Triumph and how these stories will bless you, renew your hope and remind you that God is the God of Restoration.


Lori Satterfield

Coach Lo is driven by her passion to inspire and develop others by sharing her heart with them so that they can know their true self and true worth. She was inspired in her former position as a Training Consultant at Verizon Wireless to have heart to heart sessions with those who were struggling both personally and professionally to give them hope that they can do anything that they set their heart to do and do it well. Coach Lo is a part of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, Certified Crisis Prevention Intervention Specialist and Mental Health First Aider who currently works in the mental health field for a private organization. She currently volunteers as a Director of Education and Training for the Mistaken Identity Foundation managing the Resume Coaches who facilitate training for low income and re-entry programs. Her story “Exodus” is her first writing assignment but not her last.

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