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Books and Coffee

Often times we don't see the beauty in our brokenness or the tragedies that we experience in our lives. Does this ring true for you? Are you having trouble seeing God in your trials? Are you asking God how is this going to work out for my good? If so, the good news is God has a way of using what would seem to kill us, destroy us, make us give up and throw in the towel to bring about restoration and wholeness that will bring Him Glory. In this book collaboration, men and women share their stories of, grief, sobriety, barrenness, health challenges, divorce and more. You will see how God took them from Tragedy to Triumph and how these stories will bless you, renew your hope and remind you that God is the God of Restoration.

Triumphant Overcomer
Books and Coffee

Triumphant Overcomer is a dynamic mix of testimonies that will change your life and revolutionize your perspective. Birth out of tragedy, hardship, and pain, the stories of the five Triumphant Overcomers found within will help encourage the Christian who faces the daily struggles of life. Our prayer is that these testimonies will inspire and encourage you to be filled with hope to not just overcome your current tests and trials but to have the courage to share with others what the Lord has done for your soul. Are you a Triumphant Overcomer, if so this book is for you!

Lisa Council

Lisa Council

Lisa Council is a survivor of domestic violence who shares her testimony of overcoming abuse and tragedy. Her story is shared in schools, churches and conferences.  Lisa is a best-selling contributing author “I Am Her Story” – From Pain to Purpose I: Testimonies of Strong Women.

Lisa’s story “I Am Lynda’s Voice” has aired on DCTV and, is the 1st place winner of the 2017 DC Black Film Festival. Her story has been featured in Purple Pearls Magazine "I Overcame Project"; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. "My Sister's Keeper: Addressing Violence Against Women and Children.

Lisa’s greatest passion is inspiring and empowering others, to see themselves as God sees them…royalty.

[1 Peter 2:9]


Lisa is a proud mother, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Fleet and the late Walter Council. Lisa knows that “it was in her darkness that God was preparing her for her destiny!”  [Psalm 46:5]

Contact Lisa
Phone: 202-330-1125
Facebook: Lisa Council

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