Kimberly Dixon Carroll

Kimberly Dixon Carroll was inspired to write this book with the prompting by the Holy Spirit.  During her life experiences, it was words of encouragement that helped her to overcome challenges and reach higher levels in her life with God.  The truth is that we all battle our own personal moments of self-doubt, insecurity, and discouragement; moments where we feel like giving up rather than going on.  Kimberly’s writings are gifts of wisdom and encouragement wrapped in words of inspiration to motivate her readers. 

Kimberly searched for years for her purpose.  Finally, God opened up the veil and revealed her divine mission in life.   Kimberly's divine purpose is to breathe life into God’s Creations with written words of wisdom and encouragement.  Kimberly is grateful to God Almighty who poured into her the unique gift to draw people into their personal relationship with God.

In life there are many roads to take.  Kimberly is challenging her readers not to fear the road less traveled.  It is on these roads where new inventions are created, new businesses are started and education endeavors are achieved.  Kimberly took a less traveled road to obtain her Bachelor of Science of Business Administration and her Masters of Business Administration.  Kimberly attended college at night on a part-time base, while working full time to reach her goals. She was older than the average college student when she started school and when she finally reached her ultimate education goal with the Masters in Business Administration.  It was a 10 year journey for Kimberly to complete both her educational goals. Kimberly believes that it is never too late to dream and achieve.  The less traveled roads are the roads the majority of people do not take and are unfamiliar, but that is not an indication that people should not travel on them.  Kimberly’s writings are a way to motivate and inspire people of all races and genders. 

Born in Evansville, Indiana Kimberly and her family relocated to Lanham Maryland at a very young age.  Kimberly resides in Upper Marlboro, Maryland with her husband, Howard Carroll and their much loved two fur babies, Rocky (Puggle) and Sasha (Boston Terrier).


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