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Books and Coffee

Hope for the Overcomers Soul is a dynamic mix of testimonies that will change your life and revolutionize your perspective. Birth out of tragedy, hardship, and pain, the stories of the twelve amazing women found within will help encourage the Christian who faces the daily struggles of life. Our prayer is that these testimonies will inspire and encourage you to be filled with hope to not just overcome your current tests and trials but to have the courage to share with others what the Lord has done for your soul.

Books and Coffee

In her sophomore book, Dirty Little Secrets & The Little White Lie, Danielle N. Hall shares intimate details of various experiences of having been violated sexually. While she does not withhold the truth, she is careful to refrain from doing so with a bitter heart. Having been kept by grace and healed, Danielle finds herself transformed from a silent sufferer to a V.O.I.C.E. Danielle’s desire is that the readers of this work will too find the strength to overcome and courage to find their voice.

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Danielle N. Hall

Minister Danielle N. Hall is an advocate for all to recognize and fulfill their divine purpose. She continually seeks opportunities to enlighten, empower, and encourage. She believes a life best lived is a poured out life. She is the author of Dew Drops: Refreshing for the Soul and the creator of “Danielle’s Place”: a website where visitors can visit and get food for the soul. Additionally, she is one of many co-authors of the book project: “She Wouldn’t Let Me Fall” which was released on March 9th, 2018. Her second solo book: “Dirty Little Secrets and The Little White Lie” was released April 10, 2019. Danielle is also the founder of V.O.I.C.E. (Victorious Overcomers Inspiring Christian Empowerment) – a ministry that serves women who have been sexually abused. She is a married mother of 3 children and enjoys reading, writing, singing, and aiding others.

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