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About the Book

Hope for the Overcomers Soul is a dynamic mix of testimonies that will change your life and revolutionize your perspective. Birth out of tragedy, hardship, and pain, the stories of the twelve amazing women found within will help encourage the Christian who faces the daily struggles of life. Our prayer is that these testimonies will inspire and encourage you to be filled with hope to not just overcome your current tests and trials but to have the courage to share with others what the Lord has done for your soul.

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Cassandra Fooks

My name is Cassandra Fooks and I am the Founder of Glory Girls Company which is a
501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on empowerment, self-awareness, and promoting community outreach activities.  Glory Girls focuses on empowering girls to overcome the challenges of negative influences and create a positive change within themselves as well as their communities.  I’m passionate about empowering future leaders and I remain confident that I can help my community grow and thrive, one leader at a time.  I believe that attacks draw greatness and I’m here to help our girls be great and successful.  Glory Girls is my way of making positive change in the community.  I wish to engage with other nonprofits and leaders throughout the world to reach our young future leaders.

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